CPC Vs Organic Conversion

This report compares paid keyword hits to organic keywords. This information is crucial if you are using paid keyword services such as Google's Adwords, as it allows perspective on how effective your paid advertising is performing compared to free organic hits. Free sources have [organic], whereas the paid keywords have the name of the paid service in [brackets]. The following information is provided on each source and keyword:

Visits: the number of visits to your website from the specific medium
P/Visit: The average number of pages viewed per visit
G[#]/Visit: Conversion rate - total number of goals completed divided by total number of visitors. The # refers to the specific goal number.
$/Visit: Equals the revenue (from e-commerce) or goal value divided by number of visits.

To drilldown to the keywords within the search engines, click the + sign to expand the list into keywords. By doing this, we can see the main keywords for the particular search engine. This is demonstrated in the screen shots below.

This report can be further customised by clicking . Clicking this arrow, which corresponds to one of the search engines, allows you to choose more views on the data or segment the data. The screenshot below shows the pop-up window when the arrow is clicked.

Data over time: This view shows a graph of the number of visitors provided by the search engines over the date range analysed. A screenshot of this view is shown below.

To-date Lifetime Value: This view shows a table providing statistics related to e-commerce attributes. The following statistics are provided in this table:
Absolute Unique Visitors: Visitors that have only visited your website one time.
Average Visitor Value: The average revenue that each visitor brings to your e-commerce website.
Total Ecommerce Revenue: Total revenue from your ecommerce website.
Total # Transactions: The total number of transactions made on your ecommerce website.
Average order value: Total value divided by number of orders.

Visitor History Drilldown: This link takes you to a report containing statistics on each individual visitor to your website. On this page is a table that tells us the:
Number of Visits,
Average pages per Visit,
Goals completed per visit, and
Average visit value,
for every specific visitor. Clicking on a visitor ID takes you to detailed information such as: browser, OS platform, affiliate and each visit's details.

Cross-segment Performance: This option allows you to cross-segment each source based on:

  • Content
  • Country
  • Region
  • City
  • Network Location
  • Browser
  • Platform
  • Connection Speed

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